Trail Shade Instant Vehicle Canopy

GEAR Trail Shade; Tan; w/Storage Bag;

Easily Collapsible Lightweight Tent Material Nylon Shock Coated Cords And Stakes

When you are running the Hammers in Johnson Valley or on the Rim in Moab and just need to take a break, look to Smittybilt to have you covered. The all new G.E.A.R. Trail Shade pulls out and can be set in seconds while providing you enough sun protection to enjoy the sights. Each Shade comes complete with a durable light weight storage bag, 10-foot canopy, stakes, collapsible poles and nylon shock coated cord. the G.E.A.R. Trail Shade can either mount to a tire or be taken on a hike-like a back pack and can be attached to just about anything.

Warranty (Months):