Rough Country


(2) Yellow Shock Boots w/ Clamps

Rough Country¡¦s high-quality Shock Boots are the best solution for protecting your shocks from dirt, dust, mud and other contaminants. Made of a high-quality polyurethane, each boot is designed to hold up to the elements and resist fading for a long life of good looks and protection.

Forget zip ties and other cheap methods of securing your boots. Rough Country Shock Boots feature a premium stainless steel boot clamp for a secure, precise fit that looks far better than cheaper alternatives.

Rough Country's (2) Yellow Shock Boots w/ Clamps - 87168

Fits all popular shock sizes; Made from durable polyurethane; Includes a premium stainless steel boot clamp

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 87168; Weight (Lbs): 0.84; Install Time (Hours): .25

(2) Shock boots and (2) clamps

(2) Shock boots and (2) clamps

Any Standard Shock

Any Standard Shock