Rough Country


60-inch Multi-Function LED Tailgate Light Strip

Enhance the rear of your truck with Rough Countrys Multifunction LED Tailgate Light Strip. This easy-to-install LED strip is both practical and enjoyable, with multiple lighting functions that enhance daily driving while dressing up the rear of your truck.

Rough Countrys Multifunction LED Tailgate Light Strips offer multiple modes that accentuate different driving scenarios. With 48 Red LEDs and 24 White LEDs all tied into the same strip, this tailgate upgrade offers bright red brake lights, dim red running lights, white reverse lights, and half-panel turn signal lights.

These Multifunction LED Tailgate Light Strips are easy to install, with a plug-and-play 4 pin adapter that connects easily and effortlessly to your trucks trailer connector for immediate use. The LED strip itself adheres with a set of pre-included 3M automotive-grade adhesive pads that go on fast and stay put. With 49-inch or 60-inch LED Strip options for mid-size or full-size trucks, these handy tailgate LED Lights install into the recess between the tailgate and the bumper. Each Multi-Function Tailgate LED strip features an IP68 Waterproof design, guaranteed to resist dust and even prolonged water immersion. Includes Rough