Rough Country


4.5-inch Suspension Lift System (Military Wrap Leaf Springs)

Looking for uncompromised performance on and off-road? The 4.5-inch Military Wrap Leaf Spring Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep YJ was engineered by Rough Country's Research and Development Team to give the perfect blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride.

A set of application tuned, lifted military wrapped leaf springs are included in this kit, breathing new life into your existing YJ's suspension while offering a unique advantage to serious off-roaders. Military Wrap Leaf Springs have tapered leaves which allows more flex in the leaf ends while distributing loads more evenly, while giving the main leaf extra strength. Most notably, this design works as a fail safe if the main leaf ever breaks - meaning you can limp your rig home when you need to.

This all-inclusive kit comes with everything you need to get moving including a pitman arm and brake line relocation brackets. This 4.5-inch kit also includes a tubular transfer case drop kit to maintain proper drive shaft angles as well as track bar drop brackets, bumpstops, boomerang shackles, and a set of front sway-bar links. This kit is also outfitted with Rough Country's N2.0 Shock Absorbers, nitrogen charged and specifically tested and tuned for YJ applications. This allows for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off road situations all from the same shock.

Rough Country's 4.5-inch Suspension Lift System (Military Wrap Leaf Springs) - 614.20

Easy bolt-on installation; Increased ground clearance; Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle; Leaf springs are military wrapped, giving the main leaf extra strength; Leaf springs are double tapered with teflon pad inserts for a softer ride quality; Double tapered leaf springs also allow more flex and distribute loads more evenly; Transfer case drop maintains proper drive shaft angles; Includes application valved N2.0 series shock absorbers

Fits manual steering models only

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 614.20; Weight (Lbs): 202.41; Install Time (Hours): 6-8; Wheel Backspacing (Inches): 3.75; Recommended Tire Size: 33-by-12.50

Front: High flex coil springs, lower high clearance X-Flex arms, upper X-Flex arms, long arm mounting crossmember, transfer case skid plate, forged adjustable track bar, drop pitman arm, sway bar disconnects, and stainless steel brakelines; Rear: Leaf springs and stainless steel brakeline; Shocks: (4) Performance 2.2 Shocks

Front: Lifted leaf springs (military wrapped), boomerang lift shackles, transfer case drop kit, manual steering pitman arm, extended sway-bar links, track bar drop bracket, brake line brackets, bumpstops, u-bolts, and hardware; Rear: Lifted leaf springs (military wrapped), boomerang lift shackles, track bar drop bracket, brake line brackets, bumpstops, u-bolts, and hardware; Shocks: (4) Premium N2.0 Shocks

Jeep: 84-86 Cherokee XJ 4WD

Jeep: 87-95 Wrangler YJ 4WD