Rough Country


2.5-inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Rough Country's 2.5-inch Suspension Leveling Kit - 395

100% Bolt-on installation; Ride quality remains stock; Increased ground clearance; Levels front of vehicle with the rear

Does not fit Mega Cab models; Under hard acceleration, in 4WD High, unlifted Dodge Rams often have a front end vibration or shutter (this is caused by the design of the motor and differential mounts, and is inherent in the vehicle) which may become more pronounced after a leveling kit is installed, due to the additional torque from modified drive shaft angles - This does not indicate a problem, but should be considered prior to installation

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 395; Weight (Lbs): 4.1; Install Time (Hours): 1-3; Wheel Backspacing (Inches): Factory; Recommended Tire Size: 33-by-12.50

Front: Lifted coil springs, control arm drop brackets, track bar bracket, extended sway bar links, pitman arm, and hardware; Rear: 4-inch fabricated lift blocks and u-bolts; Shocks: (4) Premium N2.0 Shocks

Strut extensions with hardware

Dodge: 08-08 Ram 2500 4WD, 08-08 Ram 3500 4WD

Dodge: 06-10 Ram 1500 4WD; Ram: 11-11 1500 4WD