Rough Country


Control Arm Drop/Relocation Kit for 5-inch Lifts

Our new Dodge 2500/3500 Control Arm Drop Bracket System improves driveline geometry. By utilizing a set of beefy drop brackets we've eliminated the steep mounting angle often seen on 5-inch and larger kits. By mounting your stock arms to the reduced angle provided by our Drop Bracket System, you'll gain better ride quality and better caster angle for increased drivability.

Rough Country's Control Arm Drop/Relocation Kit for 5-inch Lifts - 342

Control arm drop brackets reduce control arm angle, improving ride quality and driveability

Also fits all Mega Cab models; Requires minor drilling; Only works with 5-inches of suspension or higher; Only works with stock length control arms or adjustable control arms adjusted to stock length; Does not fit Dually models

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 342; Weight (Lbs): 40.65; Install Time (Hours): 2-3

Front: Lifted leaf springs, polyurethane bushings, steering block, and hardware; Rear: Leaf springs, u-bolts, and hardware; Shocks: (4) Premium N2.0 Shocks

Upper and lower control arm drop brackets and hardware

Dodge: 86-89 W100 Pickup 4WD, 78-93 W150 Pickup 4WD, 77-80 W200 Pickup 4WD, 81-93 W250 Pickup 4WD, 77-80 W300 Pickup 4WD, 81-93 W350 Pickup 4WD

Dodge: 03-10 Ram 2500 4WD, 03-10 Ram 3500 4WD; Ram: 11-13 2500 4WD, 11-12 3500 4WD