Rough Country


6-inch Suspension Lift Kit

Motor Trend¡¦s 2015 Truck of the Year takes on a whole new life when outfitted with Rough Country¡¦s 6-inch Lift Kit. Transform your GM Colorado / Canyon from mid-size to masterpiece with these head-turning components that come together to give your truck an aggressive appearance and killer off-road performance.

This kit includes everything you need for a monster makeover of your rig. A set of durable front and rear crossmembers keep everything in line, while a full front and lower skid plate setup offers unbridled protection against off-road obstacles. A set of lifted, one-piece cast knuckles and rear, fabricated lift blocks offer plenty of ride height to run up to a 285/65 R18.

This kit features Rough Country's premium N3 shocks! These 10-stage variable valving, high-pr"ure Nitrogen charged shocks offer a fantastic blend of off-road action and smooth highway ride quality. With a durable 18-mm spring-loaded piston rod and faster-cooling 54-mm shock body, this shock offers up to 36-kN Tensile Strength for a long lifespan of vibration dampening. Features natural rubber bushings and an eye-catching metallic silver paint.

Rough Country¡¦s GM Colorado / Canyon kit is designed to be minimally invasive and easier to install. No welding or disassembly of the strut is required for installation, and only minor cutting and drilling is necessary. This kit does not change the stock track width, and maintains a smooth, factory-like ride! Includes Rough Country¡¦s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Rough Country's 6-inch Suspension Lift Kit - 28530

Increased ground clearance; Maintains factory track width; Maintains factory-like ride; No welding or strut disassembly required to install; No tie rod cutting or replacing required; Front skid plate features a laser cut "" logo; Lifted knuckles are designed to keep as close to OE geometry as possible; Rear lift blocks are fabricated - stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks

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