Rough Country


3.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit (Factory Cast Steel Control Arm Models)

This all-inclusive kit comes with several fantastic features - all at a price that'll leave plenty of room for new tires and wheels! This kit includes Rough Country's premium N3 shocks! These 10-stage variable valving, high-pressure Nitrogen charged shocks offer a fantastic blend of off-road action and smooth highway ride quality. With a durable 18-mm spring-loaded piston rod and faster-cooling 54-mm shock body, this shock offers up to 36-kN Tensile Strength for a long lifespan of impressive vibration dampening. Features natural rubber bushings and an eye-catching metallic silver paint.

This kit also features upgraded ball joints that are easy to install and maintenance free. These POM ball joints offer a greater range of motion for more wheel articulation than standard or OE replacements and feature a Polyoxymethylene ball race with an extremely low coefficient of friction for longer life, and a larger ball diameter to improve range of motion with a maintenance free design. Also included in this kit are a set of fabricated rear blocks. Fabricated blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks while being less susceptible to damage and the environment.

Rough Country's 3.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit (Factory Cast Steel Control Arm Models) - 277.23

Increased ground clearance; Can be returned to stock; Differential drops maintain proper axle angle; Control arms include POM ball joints for greater range of motion and easier installation; Ball joints are pre-installed to ease installation; Fabricated lift blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks; Features application valved N3 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use

Requires cutting and grinding; Fits cast steel factory control arm models only; Does not fit cast aluminum or stamped steel factory control arm models; New lift block replaces factory rear block; If equipped, front differential mass damper must be removed; Does not fit AWD models; Does not fit 2007 "Classic" models; Does not fit GMC Denali models with Magnetic Ride Control; Retain factory wheels with 0.25-inch wheel spacers (#1065)

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 277.23; Weight (Lbs): 82.34; Install Time (Hours): 5-6; Recommended Tire Size: 285/70 R17

Front: Front and rear crossmembers, differential drop brackets, drop torsion bar brackets with RCX laser cut logos, kicker braces, upper and lower control arm drops, massive steering link coupled with a heim joint assist link, and front and lower skid plates with RCX laser cut logos; Rear: Fabricated lift blocks, add-a-leafs, and u-bolts; Shocks: (4) Performance 2.2 Shocks

Front: Upper control arms, upper POM ball joints, differential drop spacers, differential skid plate, and hardware; Rear: Fabricated 3-inch lift blocks, u-bolts, and hardware; Struts/Shocks: (2) Premium N2.0 Front Struts & (2) Premium N3 Rear Shocks

Chevrolet: 88-98 1500 Pickup 4WD, 92-99 1500 Suburban 4WD, 92-94 Blazer 4WD, 95-99 Tahoe 4WD; GMC: 88-98 1500 Pickup 4WD, 92-99 1500 Suburban 4WD, 92-99 Yukon 4WD

Chevrolet: 07-13 Silverado 1500 4WD; GMC: 07-13 Sierra 1500 4WD