Rough Country


5-inch Premium N2.0 Lifted Struts (Pair)

Do you want a great looking lifted truck that still rides like the day you bought it? Take your truck to new heights while preserving ride quality with Rough Country¡¦s N2.0 Performance Struts. Our Nitrogen charged, lifted struts add ride height to your truck while maintaining a smooth, factory-like ride.

Rough Country¡¦s Performance N2.0 Struts feature a massive bore and chrome-hardened piston rod with leak-proof piston seal for exceptional durability during off-road use. Each strut is tuned to OEM specs and includes a variable dampening system for outstanding handling and control on all road conditions. These Performance N2.0 Struts offer improved tire contact with the road for increased stability and performance.

These struts are engineered to fit perfectly on each intended application, and are designed to utilize the OEM coil "le providing enough ride height to eliminate the need for strut spacers or other means of lifting. The result is an increased ride height that improves the ride-quality and handling of your lifted truck.

Includes a 3-year Limited Warranty.

Rough Country's 5-inch Premium N2.0 Lifted Struts (Pair) - 23011

Tuned to OEM specifications; Utilizes OEM coil spring; Maintains smooth, factory-like ride; Lifted 5-inches, eliminating the need for strut spacers; Offers improved tire contact with the road for increased stability and performance; Infinitely Variable Damping; Leak-proof piston seal; Massive 1 3/8-inch bore; Chromed piston rod provides superior corrosion resistance and