Rough Country


Heavy Duty Front Skid Plate Package

Armor up the underside of your GM 1500 with Rough Country's durable Skid Plate System. This easy-to-install kit is the perfect complement to our popular 5-inch, 6-inch and 7.5-inch Lifted Knuckle Suspension Kits for new model Chevy and GMC 1500's.

Fear no hazard - on or off-road - with this 3-piece rugged skid-plate designed to shield your truck's differential, electric differential actuator, and electric rack and pinion components. Made of high-quality G80 3/16-inch steel, this full belly skid connects from the front cross member to the rear, offering a serious wall of protection from rocks, debris, and other hazards. The front plate features a laser-cut "RC" logo, providing a more aggressive look to the lower front end of your truck. Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Rough Country's Heavy Duty Front Skid Plate Package - 222

Easy Installation; Made from High-Quality G80 3/16-inch steel; Protects your differential, electric differential actuator, and electric rack and pinion; Features a laser-cut "RC" logo

ONLY works with Rough Country 5-inch / 6-inch / 7.5-inch lifted knuckle kits; Applicable 5-inch Kits: 223.20 / 223.22 / 224.20 / 224.22; Applicable 6-inch Kits: 226.20 / 226.22 / 227.20 / 227.22; Applicable 7.5-inch Kits - 228.20 / 228.22 / 229.20 / 229.22

Manufacturer: Rough Country Suspension Systems; Part Number: 222; Weight (Lbs): 46.5; Install Time (Hours): 3-4

Front: Lifted knuckles, lower strut extensions, strut clamps, front and rear crossmembers, differential drop brackets, sway bar links, brake line brackets, front skid plate, lower skid plate, and hardware; Rear: 2.5-inch fabricated lift blocks, brake line relocation brackets, U-bolts, and hardware; Shocks: (2) Premium N2.0 Rear Shocks

Front skid plate, lower driver skid plate, lower passenger skid plate, and hardware

Chevrolet: 16-17 Colorado 4WD; GMC: 16-17 Canyon 4WD

Chevrolet: 14-18 Silverado 1500 4WD; GMC: 14-17 Sierra 1500 4WD