Rough Country


Rear Sway Bar Drop Brackets for 4-6-inch Lifts

The Ford Bronco is a long-standing fan favorite for off-road enthusiasts all over the world, and while they look great lifted, there hasn¡¦t been a great solution for the rear sway-bar until now!

Rough Country¡¦s Bronco Rear Sway-Bar Bracket lets you keep your factory sway-bar and sway bar links, helping to prevent body roll while providing better articulation in uneven terrain and other obstacles. When lifting a Ford Bronco to allow for greater off-road articulation, many owners find that the factory sway-bar limits the amount of travel their suspension can perform. Some have tried using longer sway bar links, which are prone to bending, while others have completely removed the sway-bar altogether, resulting in poor handling, or body roll.

Rough Country¡¦s Rear Sway Bar Brackets are designed to extend the mounting point, allowing you to use your factory sway-bar and links on any Bronco with 4-6-inches of lift. Gain better handling, prevent body roll, and enjoy more suspension travel with this easy, bolt-on upgrad