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HD OEM Tie Rod Sleeve Upgrade for Factory Knuckles

One area seriously lacking on the Chevy Pickup is the steering link. With an outside diameter of only 1/2-inch, one wrong turn can easily bend the tie rod leaving your alignment out of whack for all of eternity. That problem is only intensified when you beef up the truck¡¦s appearance with an off-road tire and wheel package. Rough Country combats this issue with its new HD Tie Rod Sleeve. Taking the outside diameter from 1/2-inch to 1-inch, this steel sleeve strengthens the steering components on the Pickup with an install time of only an hour. Rough Country¡¦s HD Tie Rod Sleeve simply takes the place of the stock jam nut giving you sturdy assurance that handling issues are not a concern for you anymore.

Rough Country's HD OEM Tie Rod Sleeve Upgrade for Factory Knuckles - 1103

Easy bolt-on installation; Increa