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PowerPack System - 1993-98 Ford 460 Mh A, Rt Exit

Pump up Ford Class-A muscle and attack hills with a lot less shifting! Top gains: +85 hp and +118 lb-ft (rear wheel), and 12% more MPG. Improves engine durability. Banks' stainless-steel PowerPack pumps up Ford Class-A muscle with top gains of +85 hp and +118 lb-ft torque and 12% better mileage. PowerPack features Banks' bulletproof TorqueTubes - the industry's only tuned exhaust manifolds built expressly for motorhomes - for low-end torque to take on hills with strength, speed and less shifting. Because your coach is unencumbered by factory restrictions, you'll enjoy top performance and longer engine life. Important: Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit. Motorhome Power. Gasoline: Ford 7.5L (460) Class-A, '82-98. Test vehicle: Non-catalytic converter equipped Class-A motorhome. Transmission: Ford E4OD automatic. Weight: 16,650 lbs. Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels. Chassis manufacturer: Ford. 7/8 inch hex front-wheel lug nuts. John Deere/Oshkosh: 1-1/2 inch hex front-wheel lug nuts. Fitment Notes: To determine if catalytic converter is present, look under coach, passenger side. Catalytic converter has 4-bolt flange on its inlet connection to Y-pipe. Exhaust extension kit required for longer wheelbases (over 178 inch). Measure wheelbase length from center front wheel to center drive wheel

Attack hills with a lot less shifting. Top gains: +85 hp and +118 lb-ft (rear wheel), and 12% more MPG. CHROME tip. Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-99

Fits Ford chassis EFI No Catalytic Converter Passenger-side tailpipe exit (see fitment notes)

PowerPack Bundle, Complete Power System