Banks Power


Ram-Air Intake System - JD/OK & Ford 460 MH A, EFI

Banks Ram-Air Superiority. Flowbench developed, dyno proven cold-air intake increases power and fuel economy. Reduces exhaust gas temps. Testing, testing and more testing. Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems are tested and proven. They start out as CAD software prototypes and are put through flow simulations. After a hardware prototype is made, it's tested on a flowbench. Then it's tested on the vehicle. And finally, Banks' density-tests the Ram-Air against stock and many competitors. Proven design. Proven performance. Banks Ram-Air Intake maximizes the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. It's all about density. And Banks Ram-Air Intakes deliver. The harder you work your engine, the more Banks Ram-Air Intake improves power and fuel economy!

Complete air intake system including Banks' mammoth Super-Scoop and a streamlined TwinRam filter housing (EFIs). Includes service kit for use every 30,000-50,000 miles. OILED Air Filter Element. Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-99


Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System, Oiled Filter