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EPIQ Suspension


Mod Series Traction Bars

Axle wrap is a common problem for vehicles with high horsepower motors or lifted suspensions. Epiq Suspension Mod Series Traction Bars completely eliminate that problem. This weld on kit contains laser cut brackets that fix your axle and frame perfectly. Being adjustable, these are the perfect set of bars for those towing heavy loads!


Lifted vehicles and vehicles with a considerable amount of horsepower often experience axle wrap or wheel hop. While lots of horsepower or lift may be great, axle wrap or wheel hop is not. When horsepower overpowers traction, the drivetrain and suspension parts on a vehicle may become twisted, torqued and potentially broken. Towing, especially on unstable terrain such as gravel and dirt is yet another situation where traction issues are common.

Still confused about wheel-hop and axle wrap? Our good friend Bruce Smith at FourWheeler Magazine sums it up pretty well:

“Wheelhop is caused when the rear leaf springs momentarily twist as the axlehousing rolls ever so slightly in an opposite and equal reaction to the tires pushing the truck forward or backward. As the spring pack “wraps,” it gets to a point where it overcomes the twisting force exerted by the tires and instantly unloads, causing the hopping motion. At that point, traction is once again momentarily gained, the springs start wrapping up again, and the process repeats. The force created by the sudden loss and gain of traction are enough to snap axles, explode U-joints, break gears, and do other damage depending on the severity and duration of wheelhop and how much power is being applied.

With the power in many of today’s 4x4s, there’s plenty of torque available down low in the rpm range, so wheelhop is a constant factor owners have to contend with on-road and off.”

Our “Mod” Series Traction Bars are perfect for the customer who wants more than a standard, fixed bar but doesn’t feel the need to have Johnny Joints. Constructed out of 2” DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing, our Mod Series Traction Bars are equipped with house-made Epiq Joints, which are adjustable and have a greasable option.

New in 2017, all ends will be greasable, which will prolong the life of your bushings and eliminate any noise coming from your bars. Finished with a premium, triple-baked semi-gloss black powder coat, these bars are not only tough, they also look good!

Included with a pair of traction bars are (2) frame mounting brackets, (2) axle mounting brackets, and hardware needed for installation.

U-Bolt Flip Kit: